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Work on the Piazza begins…

image Pavers 1 image

The pergola structures are supposed to arrive from Europe on April 18. So in anticipation of installing the pergolas, we’ve begun to prepare the Piazza. The first thing to be done is to remove all of the existing pavers. This must be done so that the ground can be excavated in order to pour concrete piers and foundation walls to properly anchor the stuctures to the ground. The concrete work should begin shortly.

Another important task that must be done before the pergolas are installed is to bring power to the Piazza. Both structures have motorized retractable roofs and dimmable lights, which of course run on electricity. In addition, we have to make sure that there is power for the sconces that will be mounted to the posts, the air conditioning unit, the bands and DJ’s that will need electricity, etc. Here is a pic of the new power lines that were recently brought from the main building to the Piazza.


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