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What to Look for in Your Corporate Event Venue

Before you can book a corporate event venue, you’ll need to know two things:

What features and amenities you’ll need to meet your event goals

What features and amenities the venue offers with respect to those goals

Since no two corporate events are ever exactly alike, those features and amenities can command a certain degree of nuance between each event. For instance, the audio/visual system you’ll need for a small shareholders dinner may differ from what you’d need for a large company holiday party. The key here is being clear about your goals and communicating with the venue and your event planning team.

Here’s a quick guide of four things to look for in your next corporate event venue.

1. An easily accessible space

The concept of accessibility is so often taken for granted. The assumption is that guests will accommodate their travel schedules to meet any corporate event venue you choose. However, the decision by itself can give some an easier commute than others. This can cause scheduling conflicts or even lead some guests to decide not to make the trip at all. You should choose an easily accessible space to host your event. Whether it be through public transportation or adequate parking accommodations, accessibility is absolutely something to consider.

Courtyard Space for Corporate Event
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2. A visually impressive space

First impressions are everything in the modern business world (especially when you consider how frequently clients and employees are researching your company online). So when your clients or employees first arrive at your corporate event venue, they should be blown away by the visual character of the setting. It should feel like a treat for the eyes and an opportunity to survey something beautiful on the interior and exterior. Courtyard spaces with flowering trees and shrubs and rich terracotta planters overflowing with flowering annuals, travertine architectural elements such as flooring, wall tiles, and door moulding, elegant lighting, state-of-the-art event tents and motorized shade structures, and classic old-world charm are examples of visual features that can leave guests in awe.

Presentation Space Chicago


3. An appropriate audio/visual setup (and a technician to run it)

Whether you’re leading a corporate training session or throwing an employee recognition dinner, you’ll need audio/visual equipment to communicate the goals and meanings of your event clearly to your group. A PowerPoint presentation on a big screen may be good enough for some, but other events may require LED projection or some other more elaborate setup. Ensuring that you have all the technical equipment you need—as well as an experienced technician to run it and troubleshoot any technical difficulties—is absolutely essential.

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4. A wide array of spaces with proper acoustics

Along with the right audio/visual equipment and expertise, you’ll need a variety of spaces that can prospectively accommodate each crowd at your event. Perhaps you’re having a company holiday party and want a space specifically for upper management. A large, welcoming space under our pavilion complemented with an exclusive management area in the smaller and more secluded Lucca Room might be a highly appropriate spatial arrangement.

Corporate event planning can be much more complicated than some might initially assume. The added workload of planning an event with an average day-to-day agenda can cause stress and result in things like accessibility or audio/visual equipment getting overlooked. But with proper planning and clear communication of corporate event goals, each box on your checklist gets marked off, and you get the kind of memorable corporate event you and your guests deserve.

If you’re searching for a corporate event venue that will leave a lasting impression on your employees, clients and shareholders, contact us online or give us a call at 312.563.0495.

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