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The Top Ten Brunch Food Stations to Include in Your Galleria Marchetti Wedding

It’s a trend that continues to gain traction at weddings here and across the country. More and more couples are looking for ways to incorporate brunch into their wedding menus.

It’s certainly understandable. There is an increasing demand for making the wedding experience more participatory and informal for guests. Not only is brunch a more cost-effective option for wedding menus, but it’s also a more casual one. Food stations are just one of the means to accomplish those ends, and people love brunch food.

So how do you decide which stations to include for your wedding celebration? No worries! We’ve taken the liberty of ranking some of our most popular options to help you decide. Here’s our list of the top ten brunch food stations to include at your Galleria Marchetti wedding.

1. The Flaming Donut Station.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and given their popularity, there is no way we couldn’t award it the top spot on this list. Combine our flaming donut station over our outdoor fire pits with a game of bocce ball in Il Cortile (the Courtyard) and you’ve got the makings of a uniquely memorable outdoor wedding celebration.

2. The Make-Your-Own Omelette Station.

This make-your-own station includes all the delicious meats and veggies you could want in an omelette. It’s a classy, classic and healthy brunch option that’s sure to make your wedding menu stand out.

3. Bloody Mary and Mimosa Station.

A brunch fixture to lift eyelids and spirits, our drink stations are an absolute mainstay for all types of weddings. Our bloody mary bar is especially popular for daytime celebrations. With pepperoncini, cold cuts, cheeses, carrots, celery stalks, grape tomatoes, and assorted sea salts to go with it, you could make a whole meal out of just this fabulous drink station!

Bloody Mary and Mimosa Station.

4. The Waffle & Pancake Station.

Another particularly popular selection for brunch weddings, our waffle and pancake stations feature a wide array of toppings like cut fruits, powdered sugar, nuts, compotes, and syrups.

5. The S’more Station.

Our fire pits are such a hit with guests. Our make-your-own s’more stations really showcase their popularity and are one of the most requested and most decadent options for our clients’ brunch wedding menus.

Firepits for S'mores Station Wedding Chicago
Jason Kaczorowski Photography

6. The Mezzaluna Station.

For a more quintessentially Italian-style brunch, clients can opt for our mezzaluna station. It’s a salad station where guests choose all sorts of lettuces and vegetables. Our chefs then use a mezzaluna to chop, mix and prepare them for a refreshing salad.

7. The Neapolitan Pizza Station.

Though it’s still a relatively new addition to the Galleria Marchetti food station family, we decided that it deserves a place on this list. We feature a wood burning outdoor pizza oven next to our tent area so guests can watch the pizzas as they are being made.

8. The Caprese Carving Station.

These fun salad stations feature your choice of tomato and cheese dressed with different salts, oils and vinegars. It’s a delicious and unique wedding menu addition that speaks to Galleria Marchetti’s proud Italian heritage.

9. The Holy Cannoli Station.

Your guests can pick from our wide selection of fillings and toppings to create their own unique modern take on this traditional Sicilian pastry.
10. The Ebelskiver Station.

No, it’s not an IKEA appliance. But it does require using a specially made pan. These Danish-style pancake puffs can be filled with jams and topped with other fixings. It’s a wonderfully unique addition that gives any wedding menu a touch of multicultural and international flair.

Our brunch food stations here at Galleria Marchetti get a lot of love and a lot of hype from our guests, and there are a ton from which to choose. Combined with our flexible event spaces (for example, the retractable roof of La Pergola), they set the stage for truly one-of-a-kind interactive wedding experiences for our clients and their guests.

To discuss more of our interactive food stations and other brunch wedding menu options, contact one of our wedding planning experts online or call us at 312.563.0495.

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