Our Family’s Story

It takes generations of practice to become truly exceptional—in particular when it comes to hosting events. It is our greatest pride to share with you our family’s story, beginning over 90 years ago, in the service and hospitality industry right here in the heart of Chicago.

It all began in 1924, when our patriarch, Giuseppe Marchetti, opens the world-famous Como Inn on Milwaukee Avenue. This establishment goes on to serve hundreds of thousands of guests with some of the city’s fondest cuisine and hospitality.

As Giuseppe’s operations grew, so did his family when he married the lovely Yolanda Mucci, a cashier at the Como Inn. The two lovebirds welcomed son Joe Marchetti in 1934, and little did they know, Joe would be the son to open Galleria Marchetti some years later.

Throughout the years, the Como Inn continued to earn recognition for outstanding food in a delightfully familiar atmosphere. The Marchetti family built a name in the city around sharing experiences, sharing meals and sharing stories.

The family welcomed numerous politicians, entertainers, athletes and locals for an “all walks of life” environment.

The space started welcoming privately hosted events early on in Giuseppe and Yolanda’s marriage, giving even more purpose and flexibility to the Inn’s 13 banquet spaces.

Giuseppe Marchetti, opens the world-famous Como Inn
Giuseppe marries Yolanda Mucci, a cashier at The Como Inn
Joe Marchetti, who will eventually open Galleria Marchetti, is born to Giuseppe and Yolanda
Joe Marchetti purchases 825 W. Erie St to showcase and sell his classic Ferraris
The Marchetti brothers start hosting events at their family estate, Montefiori is born

After decades of faithful service to the city of Chicago at the Como, Joe Marchetti, now an adult, purchased 825 W. Erie Street. With a passion surrounding both his collection of classic cars and his belief that all things beautiful should be made available to the public, Joe opened his classic Ferrari collection to the world in this newly purchased space in 1975.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Joe and his brothers put a large white tent up on their family’s 26-acre estate in Lemont to exclusively host special events, calling the venue Montefiori. These events went on to be catered by the Como Inn and attracted couples and hosts again of all walks of life.

After 14 years with his Ferrari collection on display, Joe decided to remodel his showroom at 825 Erie in 1989 to continue his family’s hospitality legacy, affectionately calling the new space Galleria Marchetti.

His family’s tented estate venue in Lemont, Montefiori was a true hit, and Joe imaginatively designed Galleria Marchetti after the concept of bringing a truly unique experience opportunity right into the heart of Chicago.

In 1990, the renovations were complete and the space now boasts a 6,000-square-foot tented pavilion on the property behind the existing building.

Marchetti Special Events was born, and we are proud to say this is the same hosting company that currently runs all events at Galleria Marchetti.

77 years later, in 2001, the Marchetti family decided to close the great Como Inn. But with one space closing, Joe Marchetti and son JP opened Piazza M, a casual neighborhood restaurant, in the smaller dining room of the 825 Erie property.

Sadly, the visionary behind Galleria Marchetti passed away in 2002 from cancer. But even years after Joe’s death, the Marchetti family, his widow Mary Jane and their son JP continued the tradition to which Joe so vigorously dedicated his life.

On New Year’s Eve at a Galleria Marchetti event, JP fatefully set eyes on Corey Smith, who became his wife just a year later at the very same location. Excitingly, this wedding was featured on the “Wedding Wars” episode of Bravo’s hit TV show Top Chef!

The original Galleria Marchetti room underwent a remodel in 2008. JP proposed to name the room “The Perguia Room,” but Corey delightfully disagreed. While JP says the debate continues, the room earned Corey’s choice in names: La Pergola.

The Galleria continues to share memories with families, companies and even more walks of life. It even shared JP’s 40th birthday party in 2011!

In 2012, Mary Jane passed away, and the family’s legacy was carried on under JP and Corey Marchetti’s leadership.

One year later, the family broke ground on yet another renovation—the new outdoor tented pavilion, and, well, the rest is history.

Timeline Cont.
Joe Marchetti remodels the showroom at 825 W. Erie St. and Galleria Marchetti is born
A 6,000 square foot tented pavilion is added to Galleria Marchetti
Joe Marchetti starts Marchetti Special Events
The Como Inn closes and the Casual restaurant Piazza M opens its doors
Joe Marchetti passes away from brain cancer
JP meets Corey Smith at a New Year’s Eve event at Galleria Marchetti
JP and Corey's wedding is featured as the “Wedding Wars” episode on Bravo’s hit reality show “Top Chef”
The original room called Galleria Marchetti is remodeled.
Mary Jane Marchetti passes away.
Renovation of outdoor event space and construction of New Outdoor Tented Pavilion begins.
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