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The Star of Their Own Show at Galleria Marchetti


Throwback to JP and Corey Marchetti’s Top Chef Wedding

JP and Corey Marchetti aren’t actually the hosts of Top Chef, but they are the proud owners of Galleria Marchetti. And their wedding at their stunning Chicago venue was featured on a Top Chef Wedding Wars episode. With both of them being huge fans, they considered this a rather large honor and opportunity. And it turned out to be even more rewarding than they could have imagined.

JP and Corey thrived under the pressure of planning a wedding that aired on TV, and they loved all the challenges it created and lessons it taught them. They embraced the whole process. And now, on the 10-year anniversary of their outrageously memorable wedding at Galleria Marchetti, they have much to celebrate. Not only did everyone enjoy their wedding, it also gave them a new perspective on the whole wedding experience and one they can apply to help other couples.

Entrance to Galleria Marchetti

Lessons Learned from JP and Corey’s Top Chef Wedding

It Pays to Be Flexible

We know that when it comes to choosing among Chicago wedding venues, you can’t beat the five event spaces at Galleria Marchetti. But JP and Corey wanted to honor her hometown; they had their hearts set on Corey’s beloved hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, where she not only grew up but also attended college at Kansas University. In fact, when the opportunity to star on Top Chef presented itself, they had already made all the plans for their wedding ceremony to be held at K.U.’s Danforth Chapel followed by a reception at K.U.’s Alumni Club in Lawrence, Kansas. With encouragement from their family, they canceled their Kansas plans and took on the challenge of planning a Chicago wedding in 27 days in order to take advantage of the fabulous Top Chef opportunity.

Willingness to change on a dime etched Galleria Marchetti in the Marchetti family’s history yet again. Because JP and Corey were willing to change their wedding location and many other plans, they were able to use Galleria Marchetti for their wedding. This stirred up fond memories for JP from when it was a car showroom owned by his father; and it also created the opportunity for more wonderful family memories to form in this meaningful space.

Champagne pour at table

What about Corey? Well, because she had started working at Galleria Marchetti, it was like a second home and family to her too. She embraced this new direction, from planning the buffet to ordering a backup wedding dress. And both turned out to be the perfect fit to her wedding vision!

Design a Meaningful Wedding Menu

Corey and JP had recently been to Italy, so JP asked his team of Top Chefs to make many of his favorite foods from that trip. He savored the Bresaola—an air-dried beef antipasto. And guests loved the beautiful buffet of antipasti, but more importantly, JP and Corey loved the memories it brought back.

Wedding food

To this day, JP and Corey’s passion for authentic Italian cooking and fine wines comes through in the custom menus that they proudly share with couples. Because Galleria Marchetti has been in the food industry for more than 75 years, you can explore your culinary options knowing all of them are prepared with plenty of heart and experience.

Hand Over Responsibility

JP’s family worried he would try to micromanage his own wedding. After all, he and Corey take great pride in making sure no detail goes unturned when couples choose Galleria Marchetti. Fortunately, they have the utmost faith in their venue staff and both of them were able to let go of the reigns to simply enjoy being guests rather than hosts.

Wedding reception in The Pavilion at GM

JP and Corey showed an impressive level of faith in outside vendors, too. They trusted The Meetinghouse Companies, and they did not disappoint—choosing floral centerpieces and décor that perfectly complemented the Tuscan landscape and old-world European charm that surround the Pavilion and East Courtyard. The elegant high/low pave style floral centerpieces were as beautiful as we could have imagined ourselves.

Be Prepared for Anything

JP and Corey know they were very lucky to have nice fall weather for their Chicago wedding. But they don’t like to leave things to chance, especially when they can have a big impact on your wedding. JP and Corey did not have a backup plan, and while they lucked out with 75 degree sunny weather in late October, they know not every couple will be as fortunate. Not wanting other couples to be so vulnerable, they installed a new state-of-the-art tent, heating and air conditioning for both outdoor structures and a retractable awning over the East Courtyard. Couples no longer have to shoulder the same weather anxiety that JP and Corey did on their wedding day!

head table at wedding

Know What You Want and Get It!

There will be parts of your wedding vision that are hard to articulate. For JP, this was the cream-infused fresh mozzarella cheese that he really wanted on his wedding menu. Only at his wedding and with the help of Top Chef judge Gail Simmons would he recall its proper name—burrata. Fortunately, the experts at Galleria Marchetti are great at helping couples share every aspect of their wedding dream so it can become a reality.

Enjoy Yourself

JP admits he “ate like a pig” at his wedding, and we applaud him for that. Your wedding is no place to show restraint, especially at the dessert station. It is the time to relax and enjoy every moment and every morsel. But JP and Corey would also be quick to hand you the following advice:

Wedding cake

Weddings are all about being a good host, and in a sense brides and grooms really have to work at their wedding by making sure that all of their guests are happy and taken care of.

Try to keep a sense of humor about it. Weddings are hugely stressful events, and if you can’t laugh at how ridiculous things can get, you might lose your mind.

Insulate your relationship from your respective friends and families. Weddings are about being good hosts to friends and family, but marriages are about a husband and a wife (or a husband and a husband, or a wife and a wife).

Choose Galleria Marchetti for your special day–there is no other outdoor venue like it in Chicago, and with our own catering service, we make planning a wedding as easy as can be.

One of the reasons JP and Corey are so grateful for this challenging Top Chef wedding is because they can use all the lessons they learned to help other couples enjoy a stress-free wedding experience. With such knowledgeable and experienced staff behind this incredible venue, you can’t help but relax and enjoy yourself at Galleria Marchetti.

JP & Corey

JP and Corey are only one of the many couples who rave about their wedding at Galleria Marchetti. To immerse your guests in the beauty of our family-owned venue, contact us online or give us a call at (312) 563-0495.

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