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Kitchen Update

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As you can see, the new granite counter has been installed. It hangs over by about a foot, so it is now possible to sit at the counter. Apparently my new position will be just behind the counter. The other night I told our chef Ricky that he should have plated something differently, to which he immediately took offense and told me I had to station myself just behind the new counter to oversee the plating of every dish at every party. Why are chefs so touchy?

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Next, the wall underneath the exhaust hood was covered with cement board and prepped for tile. The tile installation on the back wall and the floor started shortly thereafter. The plan was to do the floor in the back of the kitchen first, then bring in the pizza oven via forklift, then finish the rest of the floor. This way we would not have to drive the forklift over the new floor tile. This was actually Ricky’s idea. It potentially could save a lot of broken tiles and extra work created by having to install some floor tiles twice.

pizza oven 1 pizza oven 2pizza oven 3

Unfortunately I wasn’t there on the day Ricky and his maintenance crew placed the pizza oven. I had showed Ricky where it should go, but he made an executive chef decision to move it to the left by about a foot and a half. The next time I was in I told him that by moving it to the left we would not be able to fit all of the equipment under the exhaust hood. So back came the forklift to move the oven over to where I had originally said it had to go, right over the new floor tiles. I think we broke 11 or 12 tiles in the process of moving the pizza oven the second time. The flooring guys were not happy with Ricky. In honor of the fact that it usually takes Ricky at least two times to get something right, I have given him the new nickname “Ricky ‘Two Times’”. The above photos show the forklift moving the pizza oven over the new floor tiles into its correct position. Ricky did put down plywood to try to protect the new tiles, but a bunch of them ended up breaking. The last two photos show the pizza oven in its final resting place. So that’s pretty much the current state of the kitchen. The rest of the tile should be able to be installed next week.

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