Galleria Marchetti | Our Property—Floor Plan and Capacity


The Galleria Marchetti Property

Venue Option 1

The Pavilion at Galleria Marchetti

Seated Capacity: 299
Cocktail Hour Capacity: 750


Spaces Included:


Il Cortile dell’Est (The East Courtyard)

Square Footage: 10,400


La Sala Montecatinese (The Montecatini Room)–Formerly La Sala Perugina

Square Footage: 3,000


La Piazza Grande (The Grand Square)

Comprised of:

Il Padiglione (The Pavilion)

Square Footage: 5,750

 Il Annesso d’Agustin (Agustin’s Annex)

Square Footage: 1,150

Il Terrazzo d’Agustin (Agustin’s Terrace)

Square Footage: 1,300


Venue Option 2

La Pergola at Galleria Marchetti

Seated Capacity: 160
Cocktail Hour Capacity: 300


Spaces Included:


La Sala Lucchese (The Lucca Room)

Square Footage: 1,500

La Piazza Turca (The Turkish Square)

Comprised of:


La Pergola

Square Footage: 2,180

Il Annesso (The Annex)

Square Footage: 1,008

Il Terrazzo di Marocchino (The Moroccan Terrace)

Square Footage:


Venue Option 3:

Galleria Marchetti–Entire Property

Seated Capacity: 480
Cocktail Hour Capacity: 1,000











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