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The Hallway

The Hallway

Posted by admin in Uncategorized 08 Apr 2015

So you may have noticed in the pictures of the finished kitchen (almost) that the hallway to the north of the kitchen, which is visible through the windows of the kitchen, is not yet finished.

image image

So here is the hallway in a couple stages nearing completion. The walls will get a few coats of tinted plaster over the white primer, the door will be painted, the light will be put back into the ceiling, and the plastic will be removed from the windows. And hopefully the painter’s tape will be removed. It doesn’t seem hard, but for some reason I end up finding little pieces of blue tape all over the walls, even months after a job is completed! If there is ever some sort of apocalyptic catastrophe and all that remains of Chicago are ruins, one of the artifacts that future archaeologists will recover from the former site of Galleria Marchetti will be little strips of blue painter’s tape.

Perhaps the only interesting thing about the hallway (after all, it is just a hallway) is how curved the north wall is, which is on the right side of the picture on the right. Right? This wall is an original wall from when my father first created a commercial kitchen at Galleria Marchetti. According to our chef, Ricky, the process of building walls at that time (at least at Galleria Marchetti) had nothing to do with rulers or any other type of professional measuring equipment. Instead it entailed Sergio, my father’s long-trusted in-house carpenter from the Como Inn holding up the components of the wall while my father eyeballed it and told Sergio to move it right or left until it looked straight to him. Obviously, this was not a very accurate system. Thank God neither of them pursued a career in the aerospace industry. Ricky believes that the gross inaccuracy of their method of measurement occurred because of some sort of optic distortion that happened when my father tried to eyeball the wall with his head turned slightly to the side, thus causing him to have to look beyond his rather large nose.

In any case, the curvature of the wall has sort of an old world charm. Which is a euphemism for the fact that we’re too cheap to fix it. And besides, it’s just a hallway!

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