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Spring is Here

Posted by admin in Uncategorized 21 Apr 2015

Thank God we survived another Chicago winter. Why we all put ourselves through it is another matter. Below are our two harbingers of spring at Galleria Marchetti. Our star magnolia tree, and our forsythia shrubs.

StarMagnolia Forsythia

These pics were taken a few weeks ago, so they look a lot more bleak than it actually looks now. Although today it is 44 degrees and windy, so maybe not. So what does spring mean for La Pergola? It means we can proceed with all of the tasks needed before the pergolas can be erected. This includes removing the pavers, excavating, and pouring the concrete that will anchor the structure. Here is the piazza after all of the pavers were removed:

CarmeloPavers PiazzaNoPavers

And here is where we’re storing the pavers for now:


This is behind the big wall that is just to the south of the Pavilion.

Another thing we had to do to prepare for the structures is to trim the crabapple trees on the west side of the piazza. Here are some pics of that process:

TreeTrimming3 TreeTrimming2 TreeTrimming1

If you look closely you can see Chava, a member of our maintenance crew, trimming branches. Chava is a nickname for Salvador.

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