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Spring is Here

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Thank God we survived another Chicago winter. Why we all put ourselves through it is another matter. Below are our two harbingers of spring at Galleria Marchetti. Our star magnolia tree, and our forsythia shrubs.   These pics were taken a few weeks ago, so…

The Calm Before the Storm

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  Corey and I usually try to go on vacation in the early spring before Galleria Marchetti gets really busy in the spring, summer, and fall. Last year we went to Puerta Vallarta with our good friend and designer Steffanie Danby and her family. We adventurously brought…

Door Plan

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This very professional looking drawing is the scheme for where the doors on the structures will go. It’s kind of hard to figure out what’s going on in this drawing just by looking at it. It’s basically a concrete pier plan for the piers that…

The Hallway

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So you may have noticed in the pictures of the finished kitchen (almost) that the hallway to the north of the kitchen, which is visible through the windows of the kitchen, is not yet finished.   So here is the hallway in a couple stages…

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