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It takes generations of practice to become truly exceptional—especially when it comes to hosting elegant garden events in a unique space with outstanding food and unparalleled service in the heart of the Windy City. For over 90 years, the Marchetti family has been doing just that, first at the famed Como Inn, and since 1988 at Galleria Marchetti.


Timeline of Galleria Marchetti history 

Giuseppe Marchetti opens the world famous Como Inn on Milwaukee Ave.

Giuseppe marries Yolanda Mucci, a cashier at The Como Inn

Joe Marchetti, who will eventually open Galleria Marchetti, is born to Giuseppe and Yolanda

Through the years, The Como Inn became renowned for outstanding food and a family atmosphere, welcoming politicians, entertainers, athletes, and locals from all walks of life. It also became very popular for private events, hosted in any of its 13 banquet spaces.

Joe Marchetti purchases 825 W. Erie St to showcase and sell his classic Ferraris.

Joe Marchetti and his brothers put a big white tent on the 26 acre family estate in Lemont, IL and host special events catered by the Como Inn. They call the venue Montefiori.

Joe Marchetti remodels the showroom at 825 W. Erie St. and begins using the new room as a private event space, calling it Galleria Marchetti.

Joe Marchetti builds on the success of Montefiori and expands the popular tent concept to his 825 W. Erie property, creating a 6000 square foot tented pavilion behind the existing building.

Joe Marchetti starts Marchetti Special Events, the company that currently runs all events at Galleria Marchetti.

After 77 years, the Como Inn closes. Joe Marchetti and his only son, J.P., open Piazza M, a casual neighborhood restaurant, in the smaller dining room at 825 W. Erie St.

Joe Marchetti passes away at the age of 68 from brain cancer. Galleria Marchetti continues to operate under the leadership of Mary Jane, Joe’s widow, and their only son, J.P.

JP meets Corey Smith at a New Year’s Eve event at Galleria Marchetti

JP and Corey are married at Galleria Marchetti. The wedding is featured as the “Wedding Wars” episode on Bravo’s hit reality show “Top Chef”.

The original room called Galleria Marchetti is remodeled. JP proposes to name the room “The Perugia Room. Corey disagrees. The debate continues

JP celebrates his 40th birthday at the Galleria Marchetti, proving that he’s not just the owner—he’s a client as well.

Mary Jane Marchetti passes away. The business carries on under the leadership of JP and Corey Marchetti

Renovation of outdoor event space and construction of New Outdoor Tented Pavilion begins.

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